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Best Hair Growth Tips

Hair loss is one of the major healthcare problems faced by the people,

No matter what gender, or atmosphere they belong to.

Humans are born with a total amount of hair follicles that they can  ever have during their lifetime. There are approx 5 million of follicles , but their head has nearly 100,000 follicles. As humans age, some of these follicles stop producing hair, which is the cause of  baldness ,hair loss or hair thinning occurs.

There are so many reasons behind this problem which are as follows:

Causes for hair Loss

  • Family history (heredity). This is the  most common cause behind hair loss  that happens with aging.
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions.
  • Medications and supplements.
  • Radiation therapy to the head. 
  • A very stressful event.
  • Hairstyles and treatments.

Now the question is how can we stop all these problems and what can be the best hair growth tips?

So here are 5 most effective tips that can solve your problems and make your hair thick, long, glossy and healthy :

1. Avoid experimenting with your hair

Each and every individual wants to be fashionable and trendy to be recognised in their ecosystem.

For the same they try different styling methods for their hair which includes heat styling ,hair colouring,constant use of chemicals  for their hair and avoid taking care of them.

These things not only stop hair growth but also highly damage your hair.

2. Proper diet

In the race of being successful we are avoiding our health and diet.

Human body requires a lot of proteins and nutrients to keep all its parts healthy .

But we are constantly failing in balancing our lives and health altogether.

So it is strictly recommended not only for hair but for our whole body to have a well balanced diet.

Awesome designer hair

3. Ginger for hair growth

Ginger is the commonly used spice in our household which has also been used in many medical purposes since centuries. Nutrients in ginger improves the circulation in the scalp and ensures that hair follicles have an adequate blood flow which stimulates hair growth.

Gingerol is the antioxidant present in ginger that heal the damaged hair follicles and strands. Ginger also fights with dandruff and reduces inflammation that reduces hair loss and magnesium, potassium and phosphorus contained by ginger nourishes hair.

For the best result, one can also apply ginger masks to allow hair to absorb the nutrients of ginger.

4. Hair growth shampoo

If you can’t take much time out of your busy schedule and want to use something within as less time as possible then hair growth shampoo is best for you. You don’t have to do any additional activity out of your daily schedule but just have to replace your frequently used shampoo with this hair growth shampoo.

It contains all the necessary nutrients,protein, vitamins that directly come in contact with your hair scalp. There are an endless number of shampoos available in the market.

You have to choose the most suitable one according to your hair needs, by looking carefully at all its ingredients and results.

Before applying it you should even follow the proper procedure for the best results.

5. Get your hair frequently trimmed

It may seem counterintuitive , but if you want long and healthy hair then it is also one of the most effective tips.

It reduces split ends and further breakage of your hair.

Eliminating the breakage of your hair makes them grow faster and healthy.

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