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Natural eyelash growing tips

Eyelashes protect our eyes from dust, small particles and debris and harm our eyes in any way.

Apart from that they are also considered to emphasize the beauty of our eyes. long eyelashes not only makes our eyes look attractive but also can make us look incredibly adorable and alluring.

Especially in this era of digital world when people want perfection in everything.  They try to redefine every minute thing related to them and their looks.

So in the manner to be more attractive people nowadays are  doing every possible thing that they could. Among all those attempts there is also the need of growing eyelashes .

Now the question arises, How to grow eyelashes ?

There are few artificial ways to grow eyelashes in just a matter of few minutes, that people usually do:

1. Using false eyelashes

There are so many fake eyelashes products available in the market of different brands at different offered prices. They are used by the women when they want to increase the volume of their eyelashes instantly for a short period of time. 

These fake eyelashes are applied with the help of glue on your eyelid

2. Using Mascara 

Mascara is one of the commonly used beauty products by the women, it is also available by different brands at different prices in the market , mascara  adds volume to your natural  eyelashes by lengthening it,darkening and intensifying it within a few seconds.

3. Eyelash extension

It is a cosmetic application that is used to increase the length,curling and thickening of your eyes lashes by using materials like silk,synthetic,mink ,human hair or even horse hair.

These methods may be instant but give a very bad impact on your natural eyelashes which further become fragile and brittle by using these products and  methods. So if you don’t want to damage your eyelashes so you can follow some simple steps that can help you to grow your eyes naturally.

So, here are few tips to naturally grow your eyelashes faster

4. Using olive oil

Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and acts as an emollient that can help in lengthening and strengthening the eyelashes. The best way to apply olive oil is to use mascara brushes, dip them into oil and brush your lashes.

5. Using eyelash growth serum

 These serums are flooded in the market with the assurance of increasing the length and thickening of not only your eyelashes but also to your eyebrows. So if you want to go with the best product for yourself then you can go through the ingredients and even reviews of any particular product.

6. Apply vitamin E oil

It is used for a very long time to make your lashes healthy and strong. Vitamin E can not only help you to boost up the growth of your eye lashes but is also a boon for our skin and health along with its affordable price and multi usage.

7. Comb your eye lash

Brushing or combing your eyebrows can make them appear longer and also promote their growth. There are many products available on different platforms in the market to which are handy and affordable to be used for combing your eyelashes and can help you to grow your eyelashes in a natural and routined way.

8. Use biotin

Biotin is considered the best supplement not just for eyelashes but even for hair growth. It can give you the best result by its regular consumption and usage. And can further help you to make your eyelash to grow faster.

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